Meet Tanya

About My Photography

I think that your photography session should be fun above all else. I move through my sessions very quickly... so quickly that my second shooters at weddings often complain they can't keep up with what I am doing!

I don't want you to get bored waiting for me to set things up and this is why I try to use natural light wherever possible (but love rocking flash wherever it's needed). Let's face it, posing for photos is a bit of an unnatural thing, but keeping you moving totally distracts you!

I love photographing you with those you love.

I photograph up to 30 weddings each year, which book up most of my weekends over the summer and early autumn.

In between weddings, I photograph other relationships: family, friends, couples, and even your love for your favorite hobby. My favorite photos are when people include or focus on their pets and I regularly volunteer my time to photograph animals in foster homes to help them get adopted faster.

I'm also all for outrageous photo ideas. Some of my personal favorite things to do are bellydance, go to Disneyland, and dress like a zombie, so I think that says a lot about what I am up for!

I am fully licensed and insured and able to supply proof of liability if your venue or indoor booking space requires it.

Brittany testimonial, engagement photo in autumn colors

"She’s super friendly, upbeat, and flexible. Tanya is always happy to be there taking photos with you. I love her positive energy, and she has great chemistry with her husband when they shoot together. Their enthusiasm is infectious."
- Brittany


Portrait of Tanya against a red wall

Meet Tanya

If we're going to start at the beginning, I've always been a photographer. I would place my candies in fancy arrangements and insist I borrow my mom's camera to document it. Later on I followed our cats and dog around and made sure they had more photos than I even did. The camera was always out while I was growing up and I have so many wonderful pictures of my childhood... including, of course, some very strange photos of candy.

Despite all that, it took me two years of university to realize I actually wanted to be a photographer. As a result, I like to joke that my degree is half New Media and half Arts Multidisciplinary, though what I technically ended up with was a BFA (Multidisciplinary) with Great Distinction from the University of Lethbridge.

I put in my time at the Sears Portrait Studio, photographed amazing bands while I was entertainment editor for The Meliorist, and acted as studio manager after only one year at Litwin Photography.

In 2008 I took the plunge and started my own business. BEST. DECISION. EVER. It's hard to call it a "job." After over 200 weddings and portrait sessions far beyond that, every session feels so fresh and fun.

In 2022, 2021, 2017, and 2014, I was awarded with first place in the Sun Times Best of the Best contest for best Lethbridge photographer and have placed in the top 3 every other year I have been in business. In 2021 and 2022, I received both the Consumer Choice Award for best photographer in the Lethbridge region and the Quality Business Award for best wedding photographer in Lethbridge. In April 2019 I was named one of Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce's Top 40 Under 40.

I continue learning by taking various photography classes, attending workshops and conventions, and trying out new things through creative self-portraits. I am an active member of BNI Elevate here in Lethbridge, which allows me to network with other reputable service providers in the community and provide my clients with recommendations for any high quality businesses that can meet their needs.

Tanya and Cam sitting in front of the King Arthur Carousel in Disneyland

Meet Cam

Meeting Cam was one of those love at first sight things. I found someone to spend the rest of my life being immature with!

Right away I noticed he could properly compose a photo. After only a few months of dating I handed him one of my DSLR cameras and began training. Within a year he was rocking full manual and didn't need a hint of direction from me, so I started bringing him along to weddings.

Cam now photographs most weddings with me and takes care of many editing duties and ordering sessions. I love having him there and actually getting to spend wedding season weekends with my husband, plus our clients rave about what an awesome team we make!

(photo by Ian Grant Photography)